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US-2940991-A: Method of epimerizing 11-bromo steroids patent, US-2946101-A: Procedure for vacuum casting and arrangement intended therefor patent, US-2986098-A: Expansible chamber liquid pump patent, US-3024938-A: Sectional pressure vessel and method of making it patent, US-3060239-A: Method for producing isoprene and formaldehyde from 4.4-dimethylmetadioxane patent, US-3211872-A: Door jamb switch with integral springcontact means patent, US-3253133-A: Threshold circuits patent, US-3326131-A: Self-dudding arming system for spun ammunition patent, US-3334659-A: Flow stream immersed supporting structure patent, US-3392269-A: Calculating machine patent, US-3410559-A: Airborne target with infrared source patent, US-3423215-A: Vinyl resin coating composition suitable for use as a cold set ink patent, US-3472788-A: Supported metal cyanide catalyst patent, US-3498236-A: Self-propelled cable supported carriage patent, US-3689198-A: Shock plasma hydrolic ram patent, US-2470179-A: Holding element for hub collars patent, US-2522709-A: Suction cleaner patent, US-2670954-A: Sheet feed control device patent, US-2759227-A: Safety automatic door stop patent, US-2795677-A: Electrical wiring device patent, US-2850617-A: Electric foot warmer patent, US-2859033-A: Constant force applying mechanism patent, US-2870759-A: Fuel injection system patent, US-2878823-A: Flushing bell patent, US-2960186-A: Spring tensioning device for the actuation of circuit breakers patent, US-3066573-A: Combined bow and frame unit for eye shield front patent, US-3095865-A: Inter-cylinder combustion control system for an internal combustion engine patent, US-3096083-A: Anisotropic heat-controlling body and method for manufacture thereof patent, US-3157229-A: Plate heat exchanger for promoting turbulent flow patent, US-3158897-A: Machine for shaping a fabric sheet unit to form a sheath for storage battery plates patent, US-3279358-A: Sealing means patent, US-3367550-A: Automatic stud setting apparatus patent, US-3386668-A: Waste disposal apparatus patent, US-3416566-A: Valve operating mechanism patent, US-3465145-A: Scanning and recording means for detecting radioactive distributions patent, US-3503525-A: Collapsible rack patent, US-3504464-A: Tower structure and method of erecting the same patent, US-3648849-A: Desk tray arrangement patent, US-2570835-A: Deaerating and dispensing slurry patent, US-2575905-A: Waste flow control patent, US-2755679-A: Controlling means for a speed change transmission patent, US-2770891-A: Cooled bearings for oven drying machines patent, US-2780376-A: Machine for continuously laying and joining pipe sections patent, US-2802572-A: Screen unit for treating solid matter of a suspension patent, US-2874579-A: High temperature hydraulic actuator patent, US-3026418-A: Photoconductive devices patent, US-3038400-A: Closure for cold storage warehouse service opening patent, US-3046359-A: Magnetic heads patent, US-3090394-A: Pressure control valves of the centrifugal type patent, US-3096966-A: Sealed ball valve patent, US-3190166-A: Die press with traveling head patent, US-3227035-A: Optical sighting apparatus with coaxial objective lens system and grid imaging lens patent, US-3239138-A: Electronic article counting device patent, US-3251462-A: Wrap-around and pressure lock for tape reels patent, US-3262516-A: Multi-passage muffler insert for exhaust pipe patent, US-3287552-A: Remote controlled lighting system patent, US-3309581-A: Panelboard with contact members having orthogonal engageable surfaces patent, US-3471291-A: Protective plating of oxide-free silicon surfaces patent, US-3479818-A: Apparatus and method for feeding pulsating fluid propellant rocket engines patent, US-3575590-A: Calculation by counting with decimal-point control apparatus patent, US-3623607-A: Filter assembly patent, US-2428044-A: Method and apparatus for deaerating liquid foods patent, US-2437723-A: Poppet valve patent, US-2530603-A: Device for very high frequencies comprising a lead-through conductor carrying high-frequency energy patent, US-2615809-A: Cooked tubular alimentary composition patent, US-2689953-A: Positionally selective communication system patent, US-2691912-A: Anvil type wrench patent, US-2815178-A: Thread package winding apparatus patent, US-2863052-A: Electronic pulse timing system patent, US-2897634-A: Method and apparatus for producing helical gears patent, US-2947462-A: Carrier for bottles and the like patent, US-3036225-A: Shiftable range mark generator for radarscope patent, US-3039658-A: Vehicle fuel pumping apparatus patent, US-3086065-A: Separation of close boiling components patent, US-3168649-A: Shift register employing bistable multiregion semiconductive devices patent, US-3230724-A: Chlorine gas liquefaction patent, US-3239291-A: Bearings patent, US-3287382-A: Vitamin a acid ester of vitamin a patent, US-3329411-A: Apparatus for controlling the fuel air ratio for internal combustion engines patent, US-3389953-A: Sound synchronized cartridge patent, US-3444859-A: Absorbent fibrous batt with longitudinal barrier areas patent, US-3472866-A: Substituted benzimidazole compounds patent, US-3512831-A: Spring seat patent, US-3519497-A: Method for the thermal treatment of steel rails patent, US-3525413-A: Separable body and frame arrangement patent, US-3610247-A: Surface-anesthetizing medical appliance patent, US-2545566-A: Electrodeposition of metals and alloys patent, US-2821195-A: Liquid-dosing instruments patent, US-2999496-A: Traction-percussion table patent, US-3007490-A: Rotary valve control patent, US-3169007-A: Mounting means patent, US-3177534-A: Cushioned sealing strip patent, US-3529007-A: New organosilicon compounds,their preparation and their use patent, US-2501165-A: Hydrodynamic machine patent, US-2828044-A: Drawer tray patent, US-3104583-A: Screw connection having coil spring thread means patent, US-3118518-A: Internally expanding vehicle brake patent, US-3214746-A: Electromagnetic delay head patent, US-2875578-A: Device for controlling the flow direction of a reaction jet issuing from a nozzle patent, US-2928557-A: Wreckers patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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